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  • hosts not showing in Oreon View

    I have all my hosts setup. I can see status on them. I can see the pie charts.

    When i go to the oreon views and choose graph by hosts it doesn't let me choose any of the hosts i have configured. All the option tabs are completly blank. Is there a misconfiguration with my perfparse maybe? or would it be a problem in oreon.

    System info:
    Debian Etch
    nagios 2.x installed by apt-get
    perfconf configured by source
    Oreon 1.3.2 configured by source
    nagios2 directory is /etc/nagios2
    perfconf directory is /etc/nagios2
    perfconf db name is "perfconf"
    all nagios files loaded from /etc/nagios2 to oreon
    nagios2 www dir = /usr/share/nagios2/htdocs

    Any help appreciated


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    i have the same problem with you yesterday, but now i have fix it...

    if your "graph" doesn't show up on oreon, please check your nagios command. on default your command is "check_host_alive", this command doesnt not support graph, you must change it with "check_graph_ping", but you must check that perl and rrd is active.

    the following command is like this:
    [email protected]:/usr/local/nagios/libexec# ./
    -H (--hostname) Hostname to query (Required)
    -g (--rrdgraph) Create a rrd base if necessary and add datas into this one
    --rrd_step Specifies the base interval in seconds with which data will be fed into the RRD (300 by default)
    -S (--ServiceId) Oreon Service Id
    -w (--warning) Threshold pair (Default: 200,20%)
    -c (--critical) Threshold pair (Default: 500,40%)
    -n (--number) number of ICMP ECHO packets to send (Default: 1)
    -V (--version) Plugin version
    -h (--help) usage help
    [email protected]:/usr/local/nagios/libexec#


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      Hmm that still won't work

      my list of hosts isn't showing up in the oreon view at all.
      Like as in it thinks i have no hosts to graph data on.
      THough the pie charts look ok i guess.
      i changed the default command for host to be check_graph_ping

      It doesn't detect any of the hosts i have configured at all.

      I set them to check_graph_ping but no go
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        At first, check that perfparse is configured properly. Try check perfparse graphs at prefparse cgi (http://localhost/nagios/cgi-bin/perfparse.cgi).


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          Yeah apparently my perfparse isn't working correctly. For some reason it's not inserting data into the mysql database.

          This is my perfparse.cfg

          Server_Port = 1976
          Service_Log = "/usr/local/nagios/var/service-perfdata.dat"
          Service_Log_Position_Mark_Path = "/usr/local/nagios/var"
          Error_Log = "/usr/local/nagios/var/perfparse_error.log"
          Error_Log_Rotate = "Yes"
          Error_Log_Keep_N_Days = "7"
          Drop_File = "/tmp/perfparse.drop"
          Drop_File_Rotate = "Yes"
          Drop_File_Keep_N_Days = "7"
          Lock_File = "/var/lock/perfparse.lock"
          Show_Status_Bar = "no"
          Do_Report = "no"
          Default_user_permissions_Policy = "rw"
          Default_user_permissions_Host_groups = "rw"
          Default_user_permissions_Summary = "rw"
          Output_Log_File = "no"
          Output_Log_Filename = "/usr/local/nagios/var/perfparse_output_log"
          Output_Log_Rotate = "yes"
          Output_Log_Keep_N_Days = "7"
          Use_Storage_Socket_Output = "no"
          Storage_Socket_Output_Host_Name = "localhost"
          Storage_Socket_Output_Port = "1974"
          Server_Port = "1976"
          Use_Storage_Mysql = "yes"
          No_Raw_Data = "no"
          No_Bin_Data = "no"
          DB_User = "nagios"
          DB_Name = "nagios"
          DB_Pass = "nagios"
          DB_Host = ""
          Dummy_Hostname = "dummy"

          Anyone got any suggestions for me?


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            I'm getting this output when running perfparse-log2mysql -r

            ./perfparse-log2mysql -r

            +-----------------------------+ +-----------------------------+
            | Generic statistics | | Nb Log Lines : 1 |
            | Nb lines parsed : 0 | | Nb lines dropped : 0 |
            | Start date : 2007-03-05 | | Elapsed time : 00:00:00 |
            | Start time : 11:57:55 | | Rate : (line/sec) 0.00 |
            +-----------------------------+ +-----------------------------+

            +-----------------------------+ +-----------------------------+
            | MySQL storage statistics | | |
            | New Hosts : 0 | | Metric/line : 0.00 |
            | New Metrics : 0 | | Metrics Recorded : 0 |
            | New Services : 0 | | Summary Rec Added : 0 |
            | New Summary Group : 0 | | SQL Queries : 19 |
            +-----------------------------+ +-----------------------------+

            which means it isn't catching ANY data into mysql

            anyone help plz?


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              nevermind i finished this. Thanks for the help guys


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                I james, i get exactly the same issue you had! Do you mind posting the way you fix it here please?

                Thanks a lot for the community! :rolleyes:


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                  Yeah the problem was that i was using a piped file but was running the perfparsed script as if it were a flat file

                  So here's what you do.

                  in your perfparse.cfg make sure the following are set:

                  Service_Log = "|/usr/local/nagios/var/serviceperf.log"
                  Service_Log_Position_Mark_Path = ""

                  or whatever path u want your service log... just make SURE you have the PIPE before the filename.

                  next make sure your nagios.cfg has the following:


                  Now what you want to do is make perfparsed run as a DAEMON passing data through the piped file into your mysql database. There is no way to verify this except to check your graphs in about 10 mins when it starts polling data.

                  Here's the script i use to run it.

                  ################## Begin Perfparsed Script###############
                  #! /bin/sh


                  case "$1" in
                  if [ -f $PPPIPE ] ; then
                  echo "creating pipe"
                  mv $PPPIPE ${PPPIPE}.old
                  sudo -u nagios mkfifo -m 755 $PPPIPE ##### important
                  echo "Starting perfparsed"
                  /usr/local/nagios/bin/perfparsed -d
                  sudo -u nagios mkfifo -m 755 $PPPIPE
                  echo "Starting perfparsed"
                  /usr/local/nagios/bin/perfparsed -d
                  pkill perfparsed
                  echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop}"
                  exit 1

                  ################# END SCRIPT #################

                  now what you do is make sure your serviceperf.log file is a piped file and is owned by your nagios user and is executable. There should be a p in the ownership details at the beginning indicating piped file.

                  shell> ls -al |grep serviceperf.log
                  prwxr-xr-x 1 nagios nagios 0 2007-03-20 12:20 serviceperf.log
                  -rw-r--r-- 1 nagios nagios 57 2007-03-14 16:45 serviceperf.log.old

                  Now kill your nagios daemon and restart it. The piped file has to exist before nagios is running otherwise it won't pass data into that file. I dunno why that's just my experience with it.

                  Now wait 10 mins and you should start seeing graphs come up. Or at least your hosts should start appearing in perfparse.

                  Eventually you can go back to oreon views and they should show up in the simple graph renderer.

                  If you want anymore details just post up and i'll try to check.
                  Oh another thing. If you're using apt for some reason for your nagios files and have duplicate nagios installations make SURE you dont have multiple nagios folder lying around. When i installed perfparse it threw a bunch of libraries in an empty nagios folder i had. Just a precaution


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                    Thanks a lot for your help!

                    Have a good day


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                      I'm having this same problem but my service-perfdata file is constantly at size 0, so I assume Nagios is not writing to it. Any ideas?

                      nagios.cfg (Version 2.9):


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                        Update: This can be fixed by manually uploading the Nagios config files inside Centreon-
                        Go to Configuration-Nagios-Load
                        Browse to your host config file (you need to have it saved locally) and upload it