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Can't see hosts status

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  • Can't see hosts status

    Hi, just installed oreon 1.3.3, managed to find the import-from-nagios option, but still can't see any host or service status. Any idea?

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    1. backup on your local comp the nagios/etc directory

    2. go to Oreon > Configuration > Nagios > Import

    3. import checkcommands.cfg w/ options "Supprimer toute la configuration existante pour le type de fichier choisi" et "Commande de Check "

    4. import misccommands.cfg w/ l'option "Commande de Notification" and w/o "Supprimer toute la configuration"

    5. import the rest of the config en .tgz

    6. import the nagios.cfg

    7. activate the last imported nagios.cfg

    8. generate the imported conf with the settings like in the attached thumbnail

    sorry for the bits in french but you should figure it out

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      The step 4 is "without" or "with option" "Supprimer toute la configuration"? (w/o is short for without as far as i know), sorry, i'm kind of "lost in translation"


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        Ok, figured out the right order and combination of the steps , thanks a lot for the guide. Found some issues

        * Importing
        Adding resource.cfg adds the commented entries as well

        Adding nagios.cfg gives:
        Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /usr/local/oreon/www/include/configuration/configNagios/DB-Func.php on line 273
        But imports the file anyway

        * Exporting
        Had issues exporting the nagios config (solved with your suggestion -

        Also had to give wwwrun permission:
        > setfacl -m u:wwwrun:rwx /etc/nagios
        And clean up (just in case)
        > rm /etc/nagios/*.cfg
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