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  • Please help with graphs

    I'm using Oreon 1.3.3 as wel as nagios 2.8 and perfparse 0.106.1
    (all latest versions)

    Perfparse is working fine. I get the graphs from my devices.

    How can I use the graph engines from Oreon working?

    The plugins from oreon (check_graph_xxx plugins) all requesting a -S oreon service ID.

    So if check_load is working fine for perfparse, how can i get theh graphs within the oreon views?

    Best regards,

    Fred Roeling

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    You don't need to fill in the -S for oreon service ID just put a -S and leave the option blank.

    As for all the graphs in perfparse they end up showing ONLY in the the simple graphs renderer.

    Only the check_graph_* plugins show in the main oreon graphs menu.
    So check your simple graphs renderer and the graphs should be there.