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Problem upgrading to 1.4

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  • Problem upgrading to 1.4

    I've followed the wiki article on upgrading 1.3.3 to 1.4, but have run into a problem. All goes well until I get to Step 4 of the web interface (Updating Databases) where it simply hangs. There are no messages in the Apache Logs to give me any clue.

    Has anyone seen this before?
    Where can I look to figure out what is going on?

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    I hate replying to myself, but I still haven't gotten any further. I'd be happy to do this manually if I could figure it out from the file, step4.php. I'm not much of a PHP hacker, but it looks like all I have to do is feed the correct script file to MySQL.

    Is that it? Am I missing something?


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      Does anyone at least have any tips on how to back out of the upgrade?

      Should I simply reinstall 1.3.3 and reload the mysql backup?


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        Hm, I had probs too with the upgrade of the Database. I think this prob is caused, because I've upgraded my database everytime with oreon.
        Because I wanted to have a clean DB for 1.4., made an update of the tables myself.
        If you don't have that much skills, to do so, and you only want to "abort" the upgrate, then simply give the install-directory in the www-directory another name.

        If you want to try an upgrade later, then simply change the name of that directory to install again.

        If you want Oreon to behave like it is new installed (no DB exists), then delete the oreon.conf.php in the www-directory (or change the name of that file), drop the Database, rename install directory and go to the Webinterface. At last upload your config. (If you want to save the passwords of the Oreon Users and stuff like ACL, escalations and things, you can't upload to Oreon, you have to make a dump of the specified tables in SQL and after "install" you update the tables of Oreon-DB with the dumped content)