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ODS setup trouble

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  • ODS setup trouble

    Hi i'm getting some error in ODS when trying to set it up

    in the ods.log i get this:

    1179272630 - ERROR while updating /usr/local/oreon/rrd//1.rrd : unknown DS name 'metric'

    several errors of that kind
    i ran all the patches for oreon already and they all patched fine.

    help pls?

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    I think it is better to choose another path in the OreonDataStorage setting for 'path to RRDtool Database', like /usr/local/oreon/OreonDataStorage/.
    The RRD's created by ODS are different from the older RRD's so that's why you get your error.
    After you have changed that path ODS will create the new RRD's.

    By the way, these ODS RRD's are not created optimal, so in case you get gaps/holes in the graphs, see:

    Menno van Bennekom


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      Thanks, that helped.

      I had another question though.

      All the perfdata from the oreon built in plugins are graphing in the graph plugins section instead of the oreon graphs section. Any idea why? i'd like them to be all grouped together in the oreon graphs section so i can choose the whole day/week/month/year view for every graph



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        so uhm... yeah i was still wondering about the whole where my graphs go thing.

        Some of the graphs for my check_graph plugins go to the plugin graphs and some go to the oreon graphs section.

        actually sometimes i use the same plugin and they end up in different places

        for instance i user check_graph_interface on two different interfaces and one ends up with all the ods graphs and one ends up in all the plugin graphs..

        any reason why?


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          nevermind i just forgot the -f flag on my commands. i only had the -g flag i had thought they did the same thing