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    Hello folks.

    We've got a bunch of custom scripts that monitor various services on servers such as line voltage, hard disk space, RAID utiliaztion/status, etc.

    By default there are many services which are automatically graphed by Oreon.

    How can I create a new graph for some of our data?

    If it helps, we can use an example and could someone help me through it?
    The output string is as follows for a 5.0v check on one of our servers:

    hostname 5.0V line V50P OK: 5.05 OK

    As it reads, hostname is the name of the host, 5.0V line is the name of the check, OK is the status, and 5.05 is the actual voltage being read from the system. We would like to graph that actual voltage figure.

    Thanks greatly in advance!

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    Try to make your script to output perfdata and then use perfparse or ODS to store perfdata and make graph possible for Oreon.
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      Got (most of) it!

      Hey again folks.

      I've got the perfparse data working now, the output is as follows (this example is a disk usage example):

      1181224640 hostname Check Remote Disk New /=13% /tmp=2% /usr=26% /var=77% /raid=73% /repo=46% OK /=13% /tmp=2% /usr=26% /var=77% /raid=73% /repo=46% threshold=80%

      What's happening now though, is thost most of the figures are getting computed correctly, except /raid=73% comes up nan and /usr=26% is recognized as 2%

      What gives?


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        More information to help you help me.

        The data posted above doesn't always correlate to what rrd/graphs/ods is wanting to show.

        One host I've got is displaying perfdata as follows:

        /=13% /tmp=0% /usr=33% /var=70% /jails=37% threshold=80%

        However, the graph looks like this (You'll notice the values graphed don't match what's output above):
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