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How do I link a service to a host template?

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  • How do I link a service to a host template?

    Hi there,

    I just converted from Nagios/Fruity to Nagios/Oreon and I am currently trying to recreate my configuration in Oreon. I've got one question for now: How do I link a service to a host template? I found that I could create a service template, link that to the host template, and then create services using the service template. By doing this I run into the problem, though, that even Services By Host require a linkage to a host group (it's got an asterisk).

    Could somebody give me a quick step-by-step how to create a host template with services linked to it?


    Btw. I am running Oreon on Solaris 10. Since I am still trying to get the Nagios config together I don't know, yet, if everything will workd just fine (especially the ODS part). The PHP interface works. Anybody else on Solaris?

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    What you need to do to make the association :
    1- Create a service template correctly referenced (espcialy for the args)
    2- Create a Host template, fill the correct info in the first tab (Host configuration), then in the second tab (Relations) add the service templates you want to link with the host. Save the host template.
    3 - create a Host using this template (and check the option to create services with the host)

    This way it should work
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