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    Does anyone know of a vmware image which has been made available, which has Centreon installed and configured with all the necessary plugins and patches installed?

    I am really getting frustrated with trying to get this product setup without any english documentation and knowledge of Centreon. I think the product looks great but I have been trying for 2 weeks now to get the reports and the Oreon views working - no luck


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    I am not aware of one, what kind of problems are you having with reports/views?


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      Hi there

      Firstly, I am very new to the Nagios / Centreon area. So I may be making some very stupid mistakes.......definately!!!

      Secondly, I followed the documentation on the following link to install Oreon and nagios


      Everything seems to be up and running, however,I do not get any RRD graphs within the Oreon Views section (I am not sure about how one goes about getting these graphs to work correctly - even used oreon graph plugins) I have followed almost every post on this forum - no luck

      Thirdly, My reporting views seems to go into a pending state on the graph every few hours. I think this has something to do with cron, but not sure....

      I you have any documentation which you followed to setup you deployment- It would be greatly appreciated as I am almost as wits end


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        Sorry - forgot about one thing - During the script , I got no errors

        I also got no errors with the finalization through the web frontend.

        Do you perhaps have a document which explains how ODS works and where it fits into the whole Centreon solution. I noticed that Centreon 1.4.1 RC3 does not have things like perfparse?


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          I don't have any further documentation then what is around the site just yet, but will be creating some before too long as the company I am putting this together for requested a DR doc. When that is done I will be happy to share.

          It has been almost a year since I worked with Oreon (my last setup) so I am just getting back into it, last install I did ODS wasn't around so I am learning now. As soon as I get a couple working I will share my results which may help you.


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            That would be appreciated - Thax for the response


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              Hi, i made a Vmware image based on Centreon 1.4Rc3 and Debian Etch.
              Graphs are ok, and all works fine.
              I'll upload it later when i'll find time to finalise it.
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                Hi there,

                You are my hero!!!!!

                thanx for this - appreciated - I think you might find a lot of people will want a piece of this on this forum



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                  Thanks :-)
                  I upgrade it this morning with 1.4.1 stable.

                  I need to make some change, because i use it at work (change passwords, delete hosts and services, write a little tutorial).

                  I'll try to do it sooner as possible.

                  have a good day
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                    Upload is in progress.
                    You'll find this here:


                    I think upload we'll be finished at 13h00 (1PM) today.

                    Please give me feedback on this (it's my first published appliance).

                    Thanks 8)
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                      Brilliant - Thanks a million - will probably take a while for me to download from South Africa (Bandwidth here is verybad)

                      Thanks for the effort

                      Will give you feedback on your "first" appliance


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                        Maybe you should get the Centreon admins to post this vmware link on the main Centreon website - Would be good to notify them and get more people to try Centreon without all the hastles of setting it up Just an idea


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                          Thanks for feedback.
                          Upload is not complete yet (45 min remaning).
                          Wait 2 hours (because upload has failed one time).

                          Edit: Upload is complete, enjoy :-)
                          Last edited by smarechal; 8 August 2007, 13:45.
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                            What keyboard alyout are you using - none of my keys are correctly mapped


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                              Yes it's normal, i use azerty not qwerty.

                              You can try this command:

                              dpkg-reconfigure console-data

                              Choose your configuration.
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