Hi there,

i like the interface of Oreon, but i have a problem. After installing Oreon everything looked fine and i started adding hosts and stuff. When i generate my config files it allways states:

Checking services..
Checked 1 services.
Checking hosts...
Checked 1 hosts.
Checking host groups...
Checked 1 host groups.
Total Warnings: 0
Total Errors: 0
while i have far more then 1 host, 1 service and 1 host group added.

after that in Monitoring i can see the Hosts only by "Status Grid", without any status on them. When i click on a specified Host i get the message:

Service details for Host Kunde_Router
Host Service Status Last Check Duration Retry Status information

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/oreon/include/status/service.php on line 118
the lines are describing the logfile stuff

from line 117 on:
else if (isset($_GET["host_id"]) && !isset($_GET["host_group"]) && !isset($_GET["service_group"]) && isset
         foreach ($Logs->log_h[$_GET["host_id"]]->log_s as $s)   {M
                 //if (!$oreon->is_accessible($Logs->log_h[$_GET["host_id"]]->get_id()))M
                 //      break;M
                 if (strcmp($s->get_host_name(), $old)){M
                         echo "<tr><td bgcolor='".return_color($i, $s->get_status())."'>";M
                         echo "<a href='./oreon.php?p=102&h=".$Logs->log_h[$_GET["host_id"]]->get_id()."&o=w'
                         echo "<a href='./oreon.php?p=314&h=".$Logs->log_h[$_GET["host_id"]]->get_id()."'><im
                 else M
                         echo "<tr><td></td>";M
                 echo "<td bgcolor='". return_color($i, $s->get_status()) ."'><table width='100%'><tr><td><a
                 if (!$s->get_accept_passive_check() && !$s->get_checks_en())M
                         echo "[img]./img/check_stop.gif[/img]get_not_en())M
                         echo "[img]./img/notifications.gif[/img]graphs[$s->get_id()]))M
                         echo "<a href='./oreon.php?p=310&gr=".$s->get_id()."&o=v'><img src='./img/iconGraph.
                 echo "<a href='./oreon.php?p=315&id=".$s->get_id()."'>[img]./img/info2.gif[/img]get_status()) . " align='center' class='text9'
                 if (strcmp($s->get_last_check(), "0"))M
                         echo "<td bgcolor='". return_color($i, $s->get_status()) ."' class='text9' align='ce
                 else    M
                         echo "<td bgcolor='". return_color($i, $s->get_status()) ."'></td>";M
                 if (strcmp($s->get_last_check(), "0"))M
                         echo "<td bgcolor='". return_color($i, $s->get_status()) ."' align='right' class='te
                         echo "<td bgcolor='". return_color($i, $s->get_status()) ."'></td>";M
                 echo "<td bgcolor='". return_color($i, $s->get_status()) ."' align='right' class='text9'> ".
                 if ((isset($_GET["type"]) && !strcmp($_GET["type"], "0")) || !isset($_GET["type"]))M
                         printf("<td bgcolor=" . return_color($i, $s->get_status()) . "><a href='oreon.php?p=
                         printf("<td bgcolor=" . return_color($i, $s->get_status()) . " class='text9'>%s</td>
                 $old = $s->get_host_name();M
Additional to that, when i try to reach the logfiles, the website is loading forever and is not turning back on "back" button.

Before i tried out Oreon, i had NagMIN working to add some hosts, but this interface is ... not the best.
When i log on Oreon i got the configs of Oreon, when i log on host/nagios/, i get the old config from NagMIN and my old Nagios.

Anyone have an idea about whats wrong here?


p.s.: i dont understand any french, only german and english- please keep the replys on english