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Centreon 1.4 RC3 + RRD

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  • Centreon 1.4 RC3 + RRD

    Can someone please explain to me how Centreon 1.4 RC3 works with RRD

    Is it still required? Or is everything handled by Centreon and stored in the mysql database?

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    In the older versions Oreon/Centreon got it's information for the graphs from plugins that wrote RRD-files and using a perfparse database to generate temporary RRD-files.
    But both graph-plugins and perfparse are no longer supported now.
    They are replaced by ODS.
    ODS is a separate process that (amongst other things) reads the service-perfdata output from Nagios and stores it in RRD files.
    Optionally you can also store the data in a sql-database, but when Centreon shows the graphs only the RRD files are used.
    Things are more simple this way, no special plugins or perfparse needed.
    Disadvantage is that with RRD's older data gets less precise, for example with the perfparse data you could see the exact traffic in an hour from a year ago.
    To see that now you will have to do something with the sql-data.

    At least this is how I think it's working..

    Link to the ODS wiki:

    Menno van Bennekom


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      Thanx - Would you still require nagios to be configured with the perfdata switch?


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        I didn't do this with compile-switches, just used the process_performance_data=1 option, see:

        The template for the output format is described here
        but if I remember correctly this is the default output.