Hi all,
i've just installed Centreon 1.4.1. I've already installed and configured a perfect working nagios installation so i import configurations from it.
I had to fix some things and i have a BIG problems with plugins path. Nagios plugins directory is /usr/lib/nagios/plugins so i set $USER1$ to point there but centreon/nagios trying to execute commands in /usr/lib !

Here's an entry in my event log:

Attempting to execute the command "/usr/lib//check_centreon_ping -H -w 200,20% -c 500,40% -n" resulted in a return code of 127. Make sure the script or binary you are trying to execute actually exists...

i copy check_centreon_ping to /usr/lib, just to see what happens and i get this error:

**ePN /usr/lib//check_centreon_ping: "Undefined subroutine Embed::usr::lib::::check_5fcentreon_5fping::get_pa rameters called at (eval 2) line 37,".

Someone can help me ? Thanks, O-Zone