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Graphs with check_centreon_nt

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  • Graphs with check_centreon_nt

    I have a bunch of checks setup using check_centreon_nt which are working just fine. However, I have 1 that is checking just fine, but not graphing correctly.

    My check is a counter check (from the CLI):
    ./check_centreon_nt -H -v COUNTER -l "\Terminal Services\Total Sessions" -w 75 -c 80

    Returns a value of:
    34 |counter=1

    In Centreon the check works and in the monitoring view shows 34. When I go to the graph it shows just the 1 though (presuming it is coming from the counter) The ODS database has the value:
    INITIAL SERVICE STATE: servername;Users;OK;HARD;1;28

    I have tried messing around with the different data sources and I am just not getting it, thoughts anyone?

    As always thanks for the help.

    I should mention I created a graph template for this check an assigned it to the service in the extended info.

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    Will any of the counter checks graph?


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      No one has any info on this?