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How to activate graphs in 1.4.1?

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  • How to activate graphs in 1.4.1?

    I've using 1.3.2, and i use the check_graph_nt plugin to have the graphs. But now i installed 1.4.1 on another machine and that plugin is gone. I read somewhere that centreon now uses ODS, but i couldn't find any info about it. Please make some doc, some of us are walking on the blind.

    Anyway, i found that check_nt_centreon has the -g flag but it doesn't work?! It says: Unknown option: g.

    There is also check_centreon_nt! What a confusion!

    So how are the graphs made? You guys could have informed this change in the changelog... I read about ODS there, but there isn't anything telling how to use the new way.