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Problem importing Nagios config to Centreon

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  • Problem importing Nagios config to Centreon

    Hello all,

    I am fairly new to Centreon, but it seems pretty cool. I am trying to migrate one Nagios server to Centreon (I an using the vmware appliance). Things are running ok (now) fot importing files, but it finally does not move the files (movement KO), so the server does not start monitoring.

    What should I be doing wrong?

    Here you have the output of the generation:

    Nagios 2.6
    Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Ethan Galstad (
    Last Modified: 11-27-2006
    License: GPL

    Reading configuration data...

    Running pre-flight check on configuration data...

    Checking services...
    Checked 97 services.
    Checking hosts...
    Warning: Host 'urm_interior' has no services associated with it!
    Checked 21 hosts.
    Checking host groups...
    Checked 2 host groups.
    Checking service groups...
    Checked 0 service groups.
    Checking contacts...
    Checked 3 contacts.
    Checking contact groups...
    Checked 3 contact groups.
    Checking service escalations...
    Checked 0 service escalations.
    Checking service dependencies...
    Checked 0 service dependencies.
    Checking host escalations...
    Checked 0 host escalations.
    Checking host dependencies...
    Checked 0 host dependencies.
    Checking commands...
    Checked 195 commands.
    Checking time periods...
    Checked 7 time periods.
    Checking extended host info definitions...
    Checked 21 extended host info definitions.
    Checking extended service info definitions...
    Checked 97 extended service info definitions.
    Checking for circular paths between hosts...
    Checking for circular host and service dependencies...
    Checking global event handlers...
    Checking obsessive compulsive processor commands...
    Checking misc settings...

    Total Warnings: 1
    Total Errors: 0

    Things look okay - No serious problems were detected during the pre-flight check

    Nagios 2.6
    Copyright (c) 1999-2006 Ethan Galstad (
    Last Modified: 11-27-2006
    License: GPL

    Warning: Host 'urm_interior' has no services associated with it!
    Projected scheduling information for host and service
    checks is listed below. This information assumes that
    you are going to start running Nagios with your current
    config files.

    Total hosts: 21
    Total scheduled hosts: 0
    Host inter-check delay method: SMART
    Average host check interval: 0.00 sec
    Host inter-check delay: 0.00 sec
    Max host check spread: 30 min
    First scheduled check: N/A
    Last scheduled check: N/A

    Total services: 97
    Total scheduled services: 97
    Service inter-check delay method: SMART
    Average service check interval: 386.60 sec
    Inter-check delay: 3.99 sec
    Interleave factor method: SMART
    Average services per host: 4.62
    Service interleave factor: 5
    Max service check spread: 30 min
    First scheduled check: Fri Sep 14 02:44:53 2007
    Last scheduled check: Fri Sep 14 02:51:24 2007

    Service check reaper interval: 10 sec
    Max concurrent service checks: 80

    I have no suggestions - things look okay.

    cgi.cfg - movement KO
    checkcommands.cfg - movement KO
    contactgroups.cfg - movement KO
    contacts.cfg - movement KO
    dependencies.cfg - movement KO
    escalations.cfg - movement KO
    hostextinfo.cfg - movement KO
    hostgroups.cfg - movement KO
    hosts.cfg - movement KO
    meta_commands.cfg - movement KO
    meta_contact.cfg - movement KO
    meta_contactgroup.cfg - movement KO
    meta_dependencies.cfg - movement KO
    meta_escalations.cfg - movement KO
    meta_host.cfg - movement KO
    meta_hostgroup.cfg - movement KO
    meta_services.cfg - movement KO
    meta_timeperiod.cfg - movement KO
    misccommands.cfg - movement KO
    nagios.cfg - movement KO
    perfparse.cfg - movement KO
    resource.cfg - movement KO
    serviceextinfo.cfg - movement KO
    servicegroups.cfg - movement KO
    services.cfg - movement KO
    timeperiods.cfg - movement KO

    Restarting nagios2 monitoring daemon: nagios2.