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  • LDAP and Centreon

    Hello. I seem to have LDAp working half way. When I go to import my contacts, i can see the existing users, then select which ones I want to import. I then import them. I can see the users I imported, then I set them to active and allow frontend, and logout, then login and nothing. I have noticed that none of the settings I am applying to the user is staying (admin, allow frontend) Here are my LDAP settings

    Enable LDAP authentification Yes
    LDAP Server

    LDAP Port 389

    LDAP Base DN dc=rimpacs, dc=lan

    LDAP Login Attribut samaccountname

    Enable LDAP over SSL No

    LDAP Search Information cn=External Authentication,ou=autologin,dc=rimpacs,dc=lan

    Password ****

    Default LDAP filter (&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person))

    LDAP search timeout 60

    LDAP Search Size Limit 60

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    What Ldap do you use ? OpenLDAP or Active Directory or another one ?

    if you use OpenLDAP, "LDAP Login Attribut samaccountname" doesn't exists, samaccountname is special for ActiveDirectory LDAP.

    Try with "sn" attribut filter and install JXplorer to explore your LDAP Tree to valid

    Good Luck

    Centreon 2.x


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      I followed this:

      I assumed openLDAP

      What should my syntax be? I can explore LDAP just fine when importing accounts, and they do import, i just can log in.

      And when I try to apply the reach front end, the setting does not stay.
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