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  • Pb with generation of image


    Well it took quite some time but I finally got nagios and centreon-1.4.1 running. I can ping and check the load of all my cluster's nodes. ODS seems to work fine. I can even see my host in Centreon's view but I still don't see the graphs.

    I followed these instructions in the end:

    As far as I know, perfdata is running fine. I have the rrd files in the mysql folder. the data_bin table in ODS database is filling up with data.

    The webpage display all fine, except the image itself seems to be missing.

    I have a check_load service for which i checked the "Process Perf Data" option.

    Any clue what part am I missing ?

    Gentoo install with fresh centreon-1.4.1

    PS: I did not find any error in apache logs or nagios logs.
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