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MySQL Error after Install and Setup

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  • MySQL Error after Install and Setup

    Hello, I get a MySQL error at login time after having successfuly installed and setup Oreon :

    Error while connecting the sql server: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

    The error is displayed when I valide authentication of admin user to lo into oreon.

    Note: Even if I set correctly the mysql's root password, oren seems to be connecting to mysql without any password, why ?

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    Hey psicopat!

    I found myself in the same problem. Try to take a look at oreon.conf.php file. Is MySQL account configured correctly in that file? Is the file that Oreon reads to connect to MySQL. I'm thinking about correct permissions on that file to let apache user write it down when you configure it at setup. You could try to setup correct server/user/password on that file. That could do the trick.

    Hope to help.

    [Linux 2.4.20-28.7 - RedHat 7.2]
    [Linux - OpenSuSE 10.1]
    [Apache 1.3.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x]
    [Apache 2.2.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x]
    [Nagios 1.4.1+Nagmin -Production-, Nagios 2.5+Oreon 1.3.1-1 -PreProduction-, Nagios 2.5+Oreon 1.3.1-1 -Testing-]


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      You win !

      You're perfectly right !
      My "oreon.conf.php" file wasn't well configured, MySQL Password was missing even if I provided it at during setup and the apache's user had writing permissions...
      I edited it by hand (with emacs) and it appeared to have strange characters at the end of each line (^M -- Ctrl-M).
      I removed them, set password and it works.

      Thx for help !