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  • Services By Host Group

    I am a new user of Centreon. I have done successful installation and configuration. Everything looked good when I hit a block.

    When I try to add 2 checks to same hostgroup the hostgroup appears empty for the second check. e.g.
    1. Add check check_graph_ping for hostgrp1
    2. Add check check_graph_ping for hostgrp2
    Everything good so far
    3. Add check check_graph_process for hostgrp1
    Although it adds the check but the hostgroup name is empty in the view. I am not sure if I am doing the correct thing. My requirement is to add multiple service checks for each host groups. Is my approach correct? Any help or any pointer to similar thread please.

    I searched the forum but could not find any relevant thread on this.

    My overall experience as of now is excellent. Thanks team for such a wonderful product.

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    Same problem exist for Services By Host

    In fact I am also unable to add multiple service check for same host. Is there any configuration parameter which is blocking me to do so?


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      Does not seems to be an issue

      It seems to be a feature and not a bug. It appears to group the services by hostgroup and host and supresses the grouname and hostname in the group.