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  • Same problem for everybody


    After spending much time on Centreon and reading a lot of posts on this forum, it seems that everybody have the same problems, namely to get it running 100%, not 99%.

    Nagios is NOT easy but when you can make it work, then Centreon becomes a big challenge because you get all green lights ok which make you believe you have a working tool, BUT then you hit the wall with the un released critical details to make it work, such as the critical switch to export the config file to both nagios and Centreon which are off by default etc.

    To dig the info by trial and error and searching is an enormous and extremelly time consuming task.

    I am pretty sure many people are sticking to manual editing of Nagios to get the job done.

    I think it is a pity since the software seems well done and designed; maybe it is designed like that on purpose to get us to buy help.

    Anyway, it is late and I am a bit frustrated with it all, I'll take a rest and maybe the eureka factor will come to help.


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    I agree; more english documentation is needed. I'll wiki up some stuff when I finally get my installation to 100%.

    As far as exporting configs, the only Nagios option that works for me is "External Command". So make sure your Nagios installation is configured to check for external commands once a minute and then choose that option when exporting from Centreon.