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  • Clarificationof templates

    Hi, Im using Centreon and Im wondering something about the templates. When i make a template and use it on a host or service, it doesnt automatically fill in the blanks, so Im wondering if the templates overrides everything you enter manually in the host or service configuration. To give an example, say I have the check intervall at 1 minute in the template, and I use this template on a service, but I want this particular service to have 2 minute check intervall. Now if I use this template on the service, but enter manually 2 minutes as check intervall, what will it be, 1 minute or 2 minute check intervall?

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    2 minutes. It overides the template.
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      okay thanks. What about the various yes, no , default buttons? the default button is selected as the default option, Im guessing the template overrides this selection. But if the template is yes, and I manually select no, then the template will be overrided again?