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Config file directory problem

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  • Config file directory problem


    I have installed oreon and I am saving config files, but for some reason they are being put in

    /usr/local/oreon when I need them in
    /usr/local/nagios/etc which is where nagios is expecting.

    I cannot see how to change this behavious anywhere.

    Do I need to alter nagios so it looks for config files in the oreon/nagios_cfg directory in which case I guess I have to alter the etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios file

    Or should I some how alter oreon to put the files where nagios is looking. If so how do I do that as I can t seem to find out anywhere.

    Many Thanks


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    The /usr/local/oreon/nagios_cfg is a backup as far as I can tell.. I have .cfg files in both there and /usr/local/nagios/etc . As for why you don't could be a permission issue where oreon can't write to /usr/local/nagios/etc. Oreon uses the apache user to write its files and is suppose to configure the permissions during install so it has the ability to write to the /nagios/etc folder but maybe something messed up on your install. You can manually give write permission to world on the /etc folder and all .cfg file there in and try generating again and see if that works. Something like chmod -R 777 /etc.

    My other thought is these two lines in the options under general
    Oreon installation folder
    Nagios installation folder
    making sure you have the nagios installation folder set which it should be by default.. in my case its /usr/local/nagios/

    Hope that helps
    Fedora Core 3
    Nagios 1.2
    Nagios Plugins 1.4
    Oreon 1.2.2
    Apache 2.0|MySQL 3.23|PHP 4.3