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Fresh instal, but cannot find “nagios”

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  • Fresh instal, but cannot find “nagios”

    Hi team
    I am using “oreon-1.2.2-RC3” on RHEL 4
    I thought of doing the “oreon” installation once again , without a prior “nagios” installation , for this I did
    # rm -rf /usr/local/nagios
    # rm -rf /usr/local/oreon

    then did the installation , oreaon got installed also the nagios in “/usr/local/nagios” it has two directories “etc” and “libexec”

    So far it looked fine , now I went to oreon , made hosts , host group , contact , contact group etc , then I went to
    configuration -> nagios - > Apply --> Generate
    --> Restart

    “Generate” generated *.cfg file , while “restart” option did not give anything else , since I did not get the message when I restarted nagios from oreon , I checked in the “/etc/init.d/” I was not able to find “nagios” script there which starts the service there
    Came to big stand still ,
    1>Is it mandatory for Oreon to nave nagios
    2>Did I miss some steps , because I was expecting to have “nagios” script in /etc/init.d/ after the oreon installation ,
    3>Where is the “bin” and other directories in “/usr/local/nagios” , I have only “etc” and “libexec”

    Kindly guide me
    Joseph John
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    Yes Nagios is required for Oreon to work though the RPM doesn't work well. Just download Nagios 1.2 and unzip it, run the default ./configure then make, make install, make init, (and a few other make that the install will tell you about after you run make install). After that install Nagios Plugins and then Oreon.

    For more requirments of Oreon go here

    Hope that helps
    Fedora Core 3
    Nagios 1.2
    Nagios Plugins 1.4
    Oreon 1.2.2
    Apache 2.0|MySQL 3.23|PHP 4.3