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Online translation form for langage files

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  • Online translation form for langage files


    I'd like to know if somebody knows/can developp a simple page or form, in order to easily add, or maintain langage files in Centreon.

    I mean, if tomorrow someone want to translate Centreon in italian, he just have to go on this page, and create his files according to the basic model (English).

    For each new release, we test if there is missing translation one or two weeks ago, when text are frozen, and contributor can finish their work.
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    Why not translating Centreon via LaunchPad (Ubuntu site) ?

    Using, any project using .po files could be translated via their web interface.

    Only launchpad users could participate but you don't have to use Ubuntu to use launchpad.

    Plus someone already registered Centreon project in LaunchPad :

    The one that did register Centreon there :

    He's the one that could register Centreon for translation


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      Plus someone already registered Centreon project in LaunchPad :

      The one that did register Centreon there :
      I'm the one who registered Centreon in LaunchPad. I just submitted the template file (.pot) a moment ago. Hopefully we will have more translations for Centreon 2.0 :cool:

      Centreon Dev-Team |


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        hi there!

        if you need a german translation, just get in contact with me!

        i only need the templates and will translate this for you to german!

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          You can look at this page on Centreon website:


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            Are the language files still up to date? In the headers I see dates of March 2008, and I could imagine that the files where updated during the development of version 2.0.

            I would like to know if I should continue translating the Dutch version...


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              I suggest you can go to this page. spanish translation. It's very well.
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                I think you should continue doing the translation. If someone wants to do the spanish translation , as you said, he want be able.


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                  Are the language files updated? You could try the spanish translation services.


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                    i am agree with above member that could be use for this purpose and i think its the best one in all and i have use it during translation so found it one of the best working tool in language so thanks you asked to us here


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