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    I agree if Centreon, wants to be a Standard Frontend for Nagios.
    It will have to expand out of the french language only.
    I think the developers of centreon are doing a greato job, but they will
    definily be restricting their project if the forum, iRC and support is ONLY in french.
    I am sorry but french is not a common language around the world, and although english is not my first language, everyone envolved with Developing, or System Administration HAS TO KNOW the basic of english but not the basic of french.
    I hope Centreon 2x changes this way of thinking, and exapand its user community.
    CentOS 5.5 x64 / Nagios 3.2.2 / Centreon 2.1.10
    Monitoring: 467 Hosts / 2109Services 16th Server
    NdoUtils 1.49,NagiosPlugins 1.4.14, NagVis 1.5.1, Distributed Architeture(howto)

    Nagios/Centreon Custom Scripts / Troubleshooting