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Aditional Information in Notifications

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  • Aditional Information in Notifications

    Would there be a way to include like the last 5 comments on specific host/service down/up notification that is received?

    This way if something breaks and a tech logs into centreon-2 and leaves a comment of what they did. it would come up the next time its down?

    I think this would be a very neat feature, if it exports something like.

    [ standard cent/nagios notifications ]


    [ last 5 comments ]

    in a {date}{user-id}{comment} format.


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    I thinks it's possible. Just find a way to find the last 5 comments. It's in database is'nt it? Write a script (perl?) to make the printf, add the 5 comments, and pipe it to the mail command.

    In a other threads I put two scripts to send mails in html format. Maybe you can use them.
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