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Acknowledgement link in Alert emails + more

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  • xoroz
    Hello everyone,
    I would like to know if now this is possible?

    I would like to send a an email with a link for the acknowledge button, is it possible, how?
    Je voudrais envoyer un e-mail avec un lien pour le bouton d'acquittement , est-il possible , comment?
    thank you

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  • sjordan
    started a topic Acknowledgement link in Alert emails + more

    Acknowledgement link in Alert emails + more

    I know this sort of goes into the realm of writing a new Notification command to interface with Centreon, but I figured I would make these suggestions.

    1) It would be nice to setup a nagios alert email that has a link for someone to acknowledge the service or host alert.

    2) Another thing that would be nice would be a section to input comments or notes for the acknowledgement. So our admins or NOC could say "Contacted foo about this issue and they are working to resolve"

    I already edited my Notification commands to have $HOSTNOTESURL$ . Which is very nice, but the above would be even better!

    Another useful addition would be a email that lets us know who Acknowledged the alert (yes I know this is logged somewhere else)
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