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SNMP Timeout for certain hosts

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  • SNMP Timeout for certain hosts

    Hi, currently I have a Centreon server that monitors a number of hosts on the LAN, and more hosts that are accessible over a site to site VPN. We recently set up a second site to site VPN to another location, and I am looking to monitor hosts there, as well.

    I have configured the SNMP security settings on the hosts (all Windows servers), and configured them within Centreon. At first everything works fine, and it reports back as expected. I am using the command, for elements such as disk space, memory usage, CPU usage and NIC traffic. However after a while each service/host will start to give the timeout error:

    Error: UNKNOWN: SNMP Table Request : Timeout

    If I remote into the hosts and restart the SNMP service, everything starts working again for a while. I configure the SNMP settings the same as all other hosts, and the VPN tunnel never goes down.

    Has anybody else ever experienced this, or have ideas as to the cause? I have tried running the checks from command line and that will also fail (if they are failing within Centreon.)

    Thanks for any help!


    I realized I still have an old Nagios server I could use to help testing. I set up an identical host on that, and it is monitoring without issue,despite the same host showing a timeout on the Centreon server. It is using the same commands, and I even copied the script from the Nagios server to the Centreon one to make sure it was the same. So for some reason these hosts end up timing out within Centreon, whilst simultaneously polling correctly within Nagios.
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    Just posting again in case somebody else has had and resolved this issue. For the most part things are running well, every now and again one service will show a timeout for a while (even though others to the same host, using the same plugin are fine) then will start working again.

    I just set up some new services to a Cisco ASA using Centreon Plugins and at first they were fine but now they are showing timeout, even if I set the timeout to 30 seconds.

    EDIT: I just realized this probably shouldn't be in General. If anybody is able to move it to a more appropriate section I would appreciate it.