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What is this icon please?

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  • What is this icon please?


    I'm trying to add new hosts on my server but i'm encountering a weird icon that i found nowhere else. Do you know it please?

    Here it is. {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"Sans titre.png","data-attachmentid":153996}


    Edit : My centreon version is 18.10.4.
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    I don't know if you can see it. So here a link :


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      you might have done something weird.
      To add a host group just Go to the menu: Configuration > Hosts thenIn the left menu, click on Host Groups thenClick on Add


      The Host Group Name and Alias defines the name and the alias of the host group.
      The Linked Hosts list allows us to add hosts, mathway in the hostgroup.
      The Notes field allows us to add optional notes concerning the host group like birthday wishes etc.
      The Notes URL field defined a URL like myanimelist, which can be used to give more information on the hostgroup .
      The Action URL field defined a URL normally use to give information on actions on the hostgroup (maintenance, etc.).
      The Icon field indicates the icon to be use for the host group.
      The Map Icon is the icon use for mapping.
      The RRD retention field is expressed in days, it serves to define the duration of retention of the services belonging to this hostgroup in the RRD database. It will be the default duration defined in the menu: Administration > Options > CentStorage if this value is not defined.
      The Status and Comments fields allow to enable or disable the host group and to make comments on it.
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        No i didn't. It's just an icon for passive control in the widget.


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          This is awesome. I love this.