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  • Centreon auto discovery


    I'm trying out centreon discovery that can be found under the "Free modules" tab here :

    But it complains that it needs a licence to work.

    Free module but need a paid licence ? If it's not free, why is it listed under the "Free modules" category ?


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    I’m a long term user of the full opensource Centreon solution. Now my company is considering buying a license to benefit some functionalities.

    For what I understand : most if not all Centreon source code is free (GPL License), meaning you can totally use the auto-discovery feature without paying a licence. But, in this case you have to install it manually from the RPM package centreon-auto-discovery-server and you can’t use the plugins packs manager, you also have to do all the configuration (templating, commands, rules for autodiscovery) yourself.
    If it's not free, why is it listed under the "Free modules" category ?
    It’s "free" because it’s free software. "Free" here doesn’t mean "gratuitous"…

    This is one a the benefit, other than support, that comes with paying a license : many configurations are already done for you. It provides a complete host/service template system (better use it than re-inventing the wheel…), all commands are already created, with auto-discovery, etc…