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Unable to find plugins

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  • Unable to find plugins

    I am new to centreon, just installed 2.8.4 according to
    Installed Centreon License Manager and Centreon Plugin Pack Manager.

    Now there is supposed to be Administration -> Extensions -> Plugin packs -> Setup
    I dont' see plugin pack (see the screenshot)

    I also created a host (want to check the echo ping), it has pending status and not monitoring.

    I don't know what to do. Any advise?
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    Your Centreon must have access to internet, or use a proxy to access to internet.

    Can you verify this ?


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      It has access to internet, verified.

      The documentation has bugs. The plugins are not here Administration -> Extensions -> Plugin packs -> Setup
      but here Configuration -> Plugin pack -> Setup

      So I managed to add the host and the service Base-Ping-LAN and it's now monitoring the status up or down. But there is also pending status ramaining. I installed all free available plugins and tried to add a host using this manual

      It says Click on + Add a new entry button and select generic-host
      But there is no generic-host. There are some similar like generic-active-host, generic-passive-host and custom. I don't know what it does, is there any explanation?
      See the picture

      The plugins are here
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