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Centreon-3.4.1 ISO Installation hangs at Step 7 (Partitioning database tables)

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  • Centreon-3.4.1 ISO Installation hangs at Step 7 (Partitioning database tables)

    Hi there,

    I made the Installation on a fresh virtual machine (VMWare, 4GB RAM, 80GB thin) from the Centreon-3.4.1 ISO file.
    I used almost the standard settings according to the centreon documentation. Some special settings like static IP were done.
    I Chose Central Server with database.

    After system reboot I opened the browser and performed the setup.php script.
    Installation hangs at step 7 Partitioning database tables. (Progress bar is working, )
    See Attachment.

    Earlier in dialogue 6 (Database Information) Centreon Documentation says :
    By default, the ‘localhost’ server is defined and the root password is empty. If you use a remote database server, these two data entries must be changed. In our box, we only need to define a password for the user accessing the Centreon databases, i.e. ‘Centreon’, click on Next.

    I made no changes, I let the root password empty and defined password for centreon user.

    Anybody got an idea how to fix this?
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    After some hours waiting for "partitioning database tables" I reloaded the browser. Message told me that System couldn't "connect to database / database already exists"
    Searching this keywords in the Forum brings the solution in my case.


    If you use some special characters like $ in the Password >>> the wizard hangs...
    So I setup the virtual machine again and tried the installation with simpler passwords and everything went fine.