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Update to Centreon 3.4 - Error "Update-CSTG-2.7.10_to_2.8.0-beta1.sql..."

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  • Update to Centreon 3.4 - Error "Update-CSTG-2.7.10_to_2.8.0-beta1.sql..."

    Hello everyone,

    I try to update my centreon using this documentation :

    When I get to the web installation, during the 4th phase I face the following error : "Update-CSTG-2.7.10_to_2.8.0-beta1.sql Line 2: DB Error: already exists"


    Currently my configuration is :

    centreon => 2.7.10-3
    broker => 2.11.8-2
    engine => 1.5.3-1

    I can't figure out how to solve this issue, is anyone already face the problem and knows a solution ?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Originally posted by Jayce
    for testing i have commented the Two sql file and do a refresh
    the 2.7.10 to 2.8.0-beta1 runn in boucle.

    I did that too and had the same execution loop...

    Are you running the same version of modules than me ?

    I forget to mention that I am on CentOS 6.9.


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      I do not use LDAP with centreon and it is not really the subject here... You should open a new post for that.

      However I tried your downgrade command prior to the 2.8.8 upgrade, still no success for me...

      Starting with my initial configuration, here is what I recently tried :

      1. Downgrade to 2.7.8 > Upgrade to 2.8.8 = Same error

      2. Downgrade to 2.7.0 > Upgrade to 2.8.8 = Same error

      3. Downgrade to 2.7.0 > Upgrade to 2.7.8 > Upgrade to 2.8.8 = Same error

      Thanks for your help


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        Apsha : Thanks for your comments...
        The comments about the LDAP issues was offtopic.
        I moved it to a new thread.

        Please let me know if there is anything.


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          I ran into exactly the same issue. It seems clear to me (and I think to everyone) that there is something wrong with the update scrip for the DB, this thread has been open for 3 days so I am hoping that the Centreon guys will notice it and give us an idea of how to fix this or some work around


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            So the good guy of Centreon are already aware of this issue and have a work around and according to the thread the fix will be included in 2.8.9
            would suggest to the Centreon guys to also post these types of solutions in the forums.



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              Thank you for the link !

              I'll try and post my result here.


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                found fix and works for me :


                Go to : cd /usr/share/centreon/www/install/sql/centstorage/

                Edit this file : Update-CSTG-2.7.10_to_2.8.0-beta1.sql

                Comment line 2 and line 5 like that: add "--" before

                HTML Code:
                -- OPTIMIZE Monitoring
                -- ALTER TABLE services ADD INDEX last_hard_state_change (last_hard_state_change);
                -- Add Timezone in hosts TABLE
                -- ALTER TABLE `hosts` ADD COLUMN `timezone` varchar(64) DEFAULT NULL AFTER `statusmap_image`;

                Generate configuration and restart service centreon after upgrade.

                Attached Files


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                  After days trying to make the upgrade work with the differents tips and tricks described above and on the internet, I finally gave up for a while....

                  I tried again the process last monday, and it worked perfectly !

                  I assume dev team fixed the errors.

                  Thank you.