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Update Centreon from 2.7.11 to lastest with yum

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  • Update Centreon from 2.7.11 to lastest with yum


    I follow the step from here :

    Every thing was ok until this part : Conclude update via Centreon web interface

    The thing is that the wizard show nothing in the "4 - installation" part, and the next button was available to click...

    I wait for something like 10min but nothing happen, so I click on the "next" button, thinking it was ok, and the final part was "Congratulations, use have successfully upgraded to centreon version 2.7.11" (so no update)

    When I come back on the web interface I lost every commands I've made, or maybe it's just broken because there is no column at all, just like a blank page but with the header and the shortcut on the left (exemple in the attachment)...

    I cannot export with the poller I got this error :

     Generating files... NOK (Exception received : SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'host_recovery_notification_delay' in 'field list' [file: /usr/share/centreon/www/class/config-generate/host.class.php] [line: 218] )
    I didn't find how to relaunch the wizard or recover centreon...

    Any solution ?

    Thank you
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