Hello All.
We are using Centreon 2.8.8 with a Centos 7.3 machine. I'd like to upgrade it to 2.8.12 but didn't find a 'definitive' documentation about the upgrade process. So how to do that ?
- is that as simple as running 'yum upgrade centreon' like written here : https://documentation-fr.centreon.co...ml#mise-a-jour ?
- I found the 2.8.12 package here : https://download.centreon.com/ Do I have only to download it (.tar.tar extension instead of .tar.gz by the way), expand it to a temp folder then run an installer or copy the content to the current Centreon folder ? The documenation of the package forwards to the 'yum update centreon' mentioned above so why downloading this package ?
- will that package also upgrade the broker, engine and all the associated services as well ?