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Browser does not show next steps

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  • Browser does not show next steps

    I am a newbie to this universe! So I have been tasked to install Centreon on a CentOS 7 server. I have gotten to the point where I need to open up a browser to start the next steps of the Centreon install but it doesn't show anything. I go to and it's just a blank page.

    I have been following the instructions found here:

    Thank you!

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    The blank page can be caused by a misconfiguration of the time zone. See this page Sorry in french
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      Thank you for your reply but I don't know if I did it right. In my instructions that I followed there is a line that says
      #vim /etc/php.d/php-timezone.ini
      date.timezone = Etc/UTC
      I entered date.timezone = America/New_York (Im Eastern Standard Time)

      I also looked in your link and found the date.timezone= and that was blank so I put the same thing in there and I still get a blank page. Also in your link it talks about the blank page to login, I am at the installation part of Centreon, but maybe the same type of fix.

      The command tail /var/log/httpd/error_log gives me a denied permission error. I am logged in as root.


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        Attached is the error_log and it mentions something about the $compile_dir and making sure it is writable. Once my other post is approved you will see what I said about timezones as well.

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          Hi I'am also new here, I had the same thing.. Will also go tho the page thanks!


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            maybe, there's a right problem in the Smarty framework cache. check that the apache user can write to /usr/share/centreon/GPL_LIB/SmartyCache
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