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  • Update centron to centreon imp


    I have a problem I want to update from Centreon to Centreon Imp,
    because I want to be able to use the feature Monitoring Business Intelligence. I installed the latest version of Centreon, I went to the website of Centreon to see how I could make the update centreon imp, I found solutions to update the centreon imp for example I used this command "yum install centreon-bi-server", but no package is available for centreon. I can't continue the process, it does not work. On the site of Centreon I could see that we have a tab that allows us to download and test Centreon. I went on the trial offer, I registered on the site after that I logged in centreon, I added plugins, but I still do not see how installed the test version of Centreon Imp without subscribing to an offer. If someone would have information that would be really nice or how to pass the update. Thank you.