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how to install centreon 2.7.13

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  • how to install centreon 2.7.13

    Hi everyone,

    I've been searching since yesterday how i can install centreon 2.7.13 with the GUI, the sql part and the apache part include. If someone can give me a link, or some helps to get me in the ight direction. I've tried some tuto in the but noone make the centreon GUI work and no one say us to install httpd :/
    I'm running a Virtualbox VM under Centos 6.10.
    I want to install this centreon version to try to upgrade it to the latest. I need some traning before to do it in production.

    Warmly Gaby33

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    They are freely downloadable hands unlike IMP plugins, there is no configuration to integrate them to your Supervision. You will have to create your own commands and templates yourself in the Centreon configuration. This deposit is necessary for each poller if you do not use Centreon IMP.