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  • Migrate plugins only

    Good Morning,

    I have a fresh and working empty installation of Centreon 18.10.2 and a working Centreon Centreon 2.8.25 installation in production.

    I don't need to migrate all the configuration for servers and printers, I would like to migrate only the following from the old installation:


    Then I will add manually the hosts monitored.

    In the centreon documentation i read the following at this address:

    The main directories to synchronize are:
    1. /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/
    2. /usr/lib/centreon/plugins/

    But I guess that beside the directory synchronisation other steps may be necessary, as the restart of the HTTPD service or the update of Centreon Pollers.

    Could anyone please describe which is the best procedure to follow in order to migrate on a new server 18.10.2 the "base set" of commands, plugins and templates configured on a 2.8.25 working installation, and then add manually the hosts on the new monitoring server?

    Thanks in advance for any hint or feedback.