When using FAN, we had a host status map that looked like this:
This is a standard feature of Nagios. (Note: I am not referring to NagVis.) I've since migrated us to CES 3.3 which does not use Nagios Engine, and I do not see that feature anywhere. Does it exist? Also, is Centreon-Map only for paid versions? I am using the community free version and I do not see the centreon-map package in the repos.

I guess my main question is, is there any tool that I can use with CES 3.3 free edition to show me the parent/child relationship of hosts? We have thousands of hosts, across several remote pollers. Surely there are mistakes I have made with the relationships. I would like to be able to quickly identify and fix those mistakes. The Nagios Status Map did this for me in FAN.