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  • Exchange 2010 Database monitoring

    Hi guys !

    I got a situation here !
    My goal is to monitor Exchange 2010 Databases, and more specifically the "Mounted" status. So, I have made a lot of tests and tried to script more or less successfully and here are my results :

    I am able to catch the mounted state of my databases with this powershell command :
    Get-MailBoxDatabase -Status | fl name,mounted

    But this command has to be executed in the Exchange management Shell ! If you don't, the "mounted" property will be blank... So, if I want to execute it with a powershell script, I must initiate a PSSession in order to execute the command under Exchange Shell :
    $session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName -ConnectionUri "http://ExchangeFQDN/powershell" -credential $cred 
    Import-PSSession -Session $session
    Then, I do my Get-Mailbox command and everything works least LOCALLY !

    My main problem is to make it work under NRPE protocol... I have already set up some powershell scripts with NRPE protocol and they are all working fine but this one is giving me headache !!
    When I try to call the script under my Centreon linux shell, it gives me an error :
    ./check_centreon_nrpe -H EXCHANGEFQDN -c check_exchange_script -a arguments
    gives this error :
    WinRM can't handle request. The following error happened during Kerberos authentication : The network path can't be found blablabla...
    WinRM is working fine, Kerberos can auth me when I run the script locally, everythink seems to be ok EXCEPT this NRPE checking which doesn't want to run correctly...
    So I have tried many many things...spent hours on this f*****g problem and windows still doesn't want to be kind toward me... Please help me before I go insane and burn my computer