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check_centreon_snmp plugins with -w & -c values less than..

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  • check_centreon_snmp plugins with -w & -c values less than..

    Hi I am looking for a way how to use centreon_check_snmp plugins to monitor values which has critical/warning values lower than..

    Good example is an percentage monitoring.. 100% is OK, 20% is Warning, 10% is Critical

    I can do this with nagios plugin check_snmp -H <IP> -o OID -w 20: -c 10:

    But this syntax is not accepted by centreon plugins.. Saying " Option warning &/or critical should be numerical " - tested on check_centreon_snmp_value v1.1

    Is there any alternative way how to achieve this with centreon plugins ?

    ​​​​​​​thanks !