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  • Monitoring SAP


    I did not find much information on this topic, that's why I ask it here. I would like to monitor SAP servers, if possible using information from the CCMS, using centreon (with centreon-engine).

    I found info on the nagios-sap-ccms plugin but I'm not sure this is the best (and perennial) way to do it.

    Do some of you perform such monitoring with the latest centreon (CES 3.2) and how ?

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    I already use nagios-sap-ccms to monitor SAP application but i am not sure there is another way to monitor it expected SQL requests to Oracle database.
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    Centreon E2S Module Manager/Developper
    Centreon Enterprise Server (2.x / 3.x) : Centreon Engine 1.3.x / 1.4.x, Centreon Broker 2.6.x / 2.8.x , Centreon 2.x, Centreon-Syslog 1.5.x, Centreon E2S 2.0
    Nagios 3.x et NDOutil 1.x


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      Thanks for your answer. I had a look at the docs within the archive and it seems we have to define the services in a text file in /etc/sapmon which is far from a nice feature... Not sure Centreon would be helpful on such issue .

      Moreover, could you confirm you have to use SSH with the script, as the doc talks about snmpd?