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Notification range vs downtime?

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  • Notification range vs downtime?

    We have various things (ping to DSL routers to check if the line is working, ping through VPN to ensure VPN channel is up, etc.) which we monitor with Centreon. Most of them are not needed at night (= outside of the working hours) - if they fail at night and recover until the morning I don't care.

    The question is: how to model that?

    I could set a recurring downtime for the night hours for all services. Then, if something fails at night and has not recovered in the morning a notification is sent at the end of the downtime.

    On the other hand, I could set the notification hours for the recipients. What will happen if a service fails at 2 o'clock, it is set to send only one notification (no escalations or repetitions) and the user is set to receive notifications only after 6 o'clock? Will he get a notification if the service is still down?

    I am aware that I could also set the check times. But I like to know what happens at night and also want to know exactly when things failed.