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  • Service Contact inheritance (en)

    I would like to set notification contacts for the host object and have them inherited by the service objects.
    After first noticing that it was not working I have tried a large number of configuration options, testing them using the "View contact notifications" feature under Configuration->Users. I've tried multiple combinations of "Contact additive inheritance" and "Inherit only contacts/contacts group from host" at the Host, Template and Service levels but just can't get any combination working.

    I'm using the latest release (Centreon 2.8.9 with Engine 1.7.2). I saw there was a change in object resolution with 1.7.2 so I've also tried Engine 1.7.0 & 1.7.1 without any luck.

    Is host contact inheritance by services supported by Centreon?

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    I've just upgraded to the latest Centreon v2.8.10 and the inheritance is still not working. Is this the correct forum to mention such an issue? I can provide a more descriptive explanation of the problem if required. The simplest way of duplicating would be to setup a host group called "WEB" with some service checks for "HTTP" and then assign a host which has notifications configured... when the HTTP service changes state I would like notifications sent to the contacts assigned to the host.


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      RESOLVED: I've just been doing further testing and it seems that the issue is with the way I was validating inheritance (via Configuration->Users->View contact notifications). The "View contact notifications" will not show the service notifications which have been inherited.