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Notifications for hostgroups and servicegroups ?

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  • Notifications for hostgroups and servicegroups ?

    It seems we can only setup notifications for individual hosts and services.
    Do you know if there are any plans to be able to setup this for groups ? Or even better, to define notifications for Resources in the ACL setup ?
    That would really make sense.
    I have several groups of users, requiring different resources.
    And often, I have one person from this group that wants to get notifications.
    And the only way, so far, is to add this user to every single host and service, when all these hosts and services are already grouped
    So, it's very easy to forget one resource when we add a new user, or to forget a user when we add a new resource...
    If you have any hint or best practice about this, I'm listening :-)
    Also, if you know how to vote for this feature, I'm in !

    As a workaround, is there any way to know which hosts and services are associated (for notifications) to some specific user ?
    That would allow an easy check, sending the user all resources that he will be notified about, and if something is missing, he/she can tell me.