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Centreon notifications do not work anymore

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  • Centreon notifications do not work anymore


    I use Centreon (latest version) to monitor multiple HP Proliant servers. Among other things, I created a service for RAID status via HPACUCLI.

    Everything works perfectly and now I would like to enable email notifications ONLY for this service (and PING too). By making sure to receive only one mail in case of warning / critical error and a mail of recovery.

    I created a user "notification", I filled in his email address, enabled notifications by email. I checked the "recovery", "warning" and "critical" boxes in the service section. (see Attachment)

    On the other side I created a service model linked to my verification script. Refer to the captures to see the service settings. I put 0 for the interval.

    Finally I configured my Postfix with a GMAIL account. This one is operational.

    To do my tests I removed one of the RAID 5 disks, I had my email within minutes after the alert. Then after putting back the HDD I got the recovery email.

    However now when I repeat the operation I no longer receive emails and I do not understand why.

    Do you have any idea? Would I have forgotten to check a field?

    Thank you in advance,

    PS: I have several pollers, do I really have to setup the Postfix on each of them ?
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