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    Hello everyone,

    I allow myself to create a post because I have a problem with the plugin.
    I currently own CENTREON CES 3.4 with nagvis 1.8.5, I want to use the lines wheathermap style.

    My test is conclusive because I actually see the percentage and the bandwidth but unfortunately it is expressed in B, I would like to make a modification to be expressed in KB, MB or GB.

    I looked at the result of my perfdata on Centreon it is actually in B:

    InUsage = 0.56%; 80; 90 outUsage = 0.16%; 80; 90 inBandwidth = 702881.51B outBandwidth = 199580.58B inAbsolut = 6293349029107c outAbsolut = 1785396281872c

    How do I get a correct display under nagvis? I want this:


    In advance I thank you for your help and wish you an excellent day

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    perhaps that 2nd screenshot comes from a different plugin because I see "" can only do -B (convert bits / bytes) as parameter.
    however if you want to keep using "", then I'd change in the code:

    # don't scale perf data or change it to bits from bytes
    #$pin_ave = $in_traffic;
    #$pout_ave = $out_traffic;
    my $pin_ave = sprintf( "%.4f", $in_traffic / 1000000 );
    my $pout_ave = sprintf( "%.4f", $out_traffic / 1000000 );

    /1000000 for M, /1000 for K etc

    greetz, Federico


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      I wrote this plugin some time ago:

      But you have to know your interfaces counter OID's
      CES 3
      Modules: Centreon Syslog / Centreon-NagVis / Mobile-UI

      Centreon depuis le navigateur de votre smartphone c'est par ici: