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Permission denied Check_by_ssh

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  • Permission denied Check_by_ssh


    I'm having a problem with the check_by_ssh plugin. I create an RSA key on my Centreon server and export the public key to the server I want to supervise. In my case I want to run a request in SSH on my server oracle without being asked for the password.

    $USER1$/check_by_ssh -H -l oracle -i /var/spool/centreon/.ssh/id_rsa -C "source .bash_profile 1>/dev/null 2>&1 && /home/oracle/scripts/support/scripts/ksh/Check_bal_XXXX.ksh NOYPROD INT_PAT_GEN 100 50" -t 60

    Works in command line but not in centeron

    I did the same exercise with the users centreon, nagios, root. In command line it's good but not in centeron.

    Remote command execution failed: Warning: Identity file /var/spool/centreon/.ssh/id_rsa not accessible: Permission denied.

    If you have any ideas I'm interested :-)