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Plugins Nagios on Centreon 18.10

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  • Plugins Nagios on Centreon 18.10

    I am currently using version 2.8 of Centreon on Centos 6 and decided to upgrade to Centreon 18.10. Directly I made a clean installation from repositories on a Centos 7 to then create the host and services as I have them in the system in production 2.8. Everything was fine until the moment I wanted to replicate a command used to read temperature. This command uses as a base the Nagios plugin "check_snmp". Seeing that the service created as it was in the previous version does not give me any results. I went to check the default Nagios plugins loaded in / usr / lib64 / nagios / plugins and I only have 3 plugins, when in the previous version (2.8) I had several more.
    In the new version of center 18.10 I only have check_dhcp and check _icmp.

    Can someone help me? Regards.

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    Hello iisaurralde13,

    The default location for Centron plugins is /usr/lib/centreon/plugins/.
    You could put historical Nagios plugins in /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/ and use the $USER1$ macro in your command (poller resource to this location).

    So, you can put your Nagios check if you need, or use the Centreon Plugins, which are Open Source and maintained by Centreon and the Community :



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      Good morning, thanks for the prompt response. I pass you a capture of the contents of my folder/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/ on version 18.10 SNMP.png
      How should I do to place the historical nagios commands in this location? Currently the command that I am running contains the Macro $USER$ : $USER1$/check_snmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c public -o -n 5 -w$ARG1$ -c$ARG2$


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        I had the same problem after 18.10 migration.

        I modified $USER1$ variable with /usr/lib/nagios/plugins value in Centreon (I have all my old check in this location)
        I've copy the check_icmp command in my /usr/lib/nagios/plugins location and all works.