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How to verify a web page response / web service (in an HTTP simple mode)

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  • How to verify a web page response / web service (in an HTTP simple mode)

    I am a complete newbie in network management (it's been 2 days since I start to learn it) so please excuse me in advance if my questions are incomplete (for a while).
    I have recently learned about snmp protocols that I think I am able to use in Linux to verify, for example, a load of CPU or a hard drive space.

    Now the new task is (in the subject ) to verify a web page response - I have discovered already that I cannot do it just with the help of snmp protocols but I can use centreon.

    What I have discovered in regard to my problem (for now) is the following page of centreon -
    and I suppose that what I am interested in is App-Protocol-HTTP option, since it's a "model to supervise an HTTP server".

    Unfortunately for now I have no idea of how to use this information for now...

    I have watched a webinar for basic centreon usage ( but I did not find a clue either of how can I monitor an http server.

    I would be very much obliged if someone could provide at least a sort of hint what can I do further to archieve the subject of this message.

    I am thanking you in advance!

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    Well, I have now rhe answer.

    1. write a plugin that will check web response on a given ip
    2. Create a command in centreon
    3. Put this command into a corresponding template
    4. Assign template to a host.

    That's it